It’s Always Time to Fertilize

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How do I prepare the soil for an organic turf program? The key to a successful organic lawn program is the soil. It must be alive with wide variety of beneficial microorganisms and bugs. Beneficial microbes both feed and protect the plants from disease-causing microbes. All the organic gardener does is feed the beneficial microbes and let them do their work. Beneficial microorganisms Beneficial microorganisms include bacteria and fungi found in...

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2013 Lawn Care Packages

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It’s never too early to book your lawn mowing service for the coming season. Whether you are new to the area, looking to change to a new service or simply don’t feel like mowing your lawn this season, we are happy to care for your every lawn care need. During the fall and winter there is still work to be done to a great lawn. This is the best time to apply your fertilizer, over seeding and aerrating as the earth just sits and absorbs...

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Tsawwassen Lawn Mowing

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Hello and welcome to Tsawwassen Lawn Mowing. Here you will find vast amounts of lawn care information including the services we provide, times of year to do certain jobs and general landscaping and lawn care information. 2013 is going to be an exciting season for us in Tsawwassen. Starting with spring power raking, we will be offering full spring lawn care packages for all of our clients and stay tuned for cheap deals on these. Usually once per...

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Hello Tsawwassen!

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Welcome to the Tsawwassen Lawn Mowing website. Here you will find great information, suggestions and help for maintaining a great lawn. Today is our first day working on the site but please check back soon and thanks for dropping by!

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