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Hedge Trimming Service in Tsawwassen, BC

Are you looking for professional hedge trimming service in and around Tsawwassen, BC? Not only do we provide expert lawn care and landscaping services to residents of Tsawwassen but we also offer hedge trimming and tree pruning services all year long. Whether you are looking to reduce the width of a hedge, trim down the height or simply want to give your hedge that smart clean shape we have the tools and expertise you are looking for.

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Hedge Trimming Guide

The single most important part of cutting hedges is maintaining clean and sharp blades on your trimmer. Dull or rusty blades will rip and tear branches rather than slice through them which can result in infection or disease.

When should I cut my hedges?

  • Trim young deciduous hedges during the winter
  • Trim young evergreen hedges during the early spring
  • Prune established hedges annually to keep them looking healthy and fresh

Generally speaking it is best to trim hedges when they are growing the least but not close to the frost season. We suggest trimming deciduous hedges during the early fall months including September and October and evergreen hedges during the early spring. Since Tsawwassen has such a great tempered climate, it is usually ok to trim deciduous hedges during November and December however frost is a danger. If you run short on time during the fall the next opportunity to trim hedges will come during the early spring months. Be sure to get this done before everything starts growing! You can still trim hedges in May but you won’t get the leaf growth desired and you run the risk of harming the plant if a drought occurs during June. Check the Farmers Almanac for Southern British Columbia to get your hedge trimming timing perfect.

How to Cut Medium Hedges

Using a double sided hedge trimmer to save time and gas, the first step to shaping a perfect medium sized hedge is cutting the hedge vertically in an arc shaped motion. Moving your body forward while you cut, carefully shape the entire length of the hedge from top to bottom. The second stage of cutting a medium sized hedge is shaving the top. With the blades of the hedge trimmer angled at 10 to 15 degrees, cut the top of the hedge moving away from your top hand on the trimmer.

How to Cut Large Hedges

When cutting large hedges, always start by cutting the vertical sides first from end to end. Using a double sided extended hedge trimmer to save time and gas, work from front to back using a arc shaped motion. Once the sides have been trimmed to perfection, shave the top of the hedge using an angled extended trimmer, a ladder or scaffolding depending on the size of hedge.

Hedge trimming equipment and removal of the leaves can be costly as well as time consuming. If you are looking for excellent quality hedge trimming services in or around Tsawwassen, BC, call today!