Lawn Care Help

When it comes to gardening, landscaping and creating a beautiful outdoor setting, nothing brings everything together like a perfectly manicured and maintained lawn. If you are looking to get that lush lawn you are looking for, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Planting a New Lawn

Sometimes the easiest way to get a perfect lawn is starting from scratch. The first step towards doing this is getting rid of your own lawn there are a couple proven methods for doing this.

The first is the obvious choice is just digging the old lawn out and replacing the soil. Another option is tarping over your old lawn during the summer time and letting it bake in the sun. After week or two of heat the grass and weeds will die off naturally leaving you with a perfect surface to apply a fresh layer of dirt over. The third option is to using a rototiller to scrape the grass out. It takes a few passes and it’s more or less ineffective towards getting rid of unless you then cover the surface with landscaping fabric then cover it with 4″-6″ of  Soil Delivery in Tsawwassen, BC.