Welcome to our Weekly Lawn Care Tips.

Here you will find general lawn care information as well as frequently asked questions specific to your area. Grass may not grow better on the other side of the fence but it sure can grow differently.

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Lawn Care Tip of the Week | August 1st, 2011 | HAPPY BC DAY

Aerration: If you notice that areas of your lawn do well in the fall but dry up as soon as the summer comes it is probably an aerration or compaction problem. Aerrating your lawn once a year softens up the soil and allow the roots to penetrate deep into the earth. Once soil is too compact, water can not penetrate it’s surface resulting in drought. Call your local lawn care service provider to book your yearly aerration and fertilizer package. If you leave your lawn un-aerrated for too long eventually surface weeds or pests such as clover, moss and dandylions will take over.